Shooting on 19/5/17

On this day I shot some footage of me, Tezney, Callum and James in refley woods we used some props such as plastic cups and pretended to drink the alcohol out of them and then I used a empty vodka bottle of mine and filled it with water as vodka is clear so it would still look realistic if I used water and look like there was vodka in the bottle; I also used a wine bottle.

The reason I choose to film in refley woods was because the music video is meant to show the group of teenagers doing teenage things and one thing I remember doing a lot as a teenager was hanging out in the woods and refley woods is one of the main places I used to go and hang out with friends and and have a good time with friends so I wanted to re create this image of me and my friends going here.

I used a panasonic camera to record my footage while filming at the woods. I wanted numerous shot types and the first shot I wanted straight away was a close up of the plastic cups to make my audience aware that the teenagers was drinking.


25/5/17 Reflection Notes

Evaluative & Reflective Writing

6.1 & 6.20

Due Date 9/6/17

Reflection Models


Reflective model > A trip to the beach

What happened? > We went to the beach in a car  and took s picnic (past tense)

Feeling and emotional response? > I was excited and feeling extremely hungry as I hadn’t had breakfast

Subjective | Good or bad? What went well and what didn’t

Make sense of situation | research combine with sources x3 (present tense & use correct vocabulary) > Title, author and date > URLs > Books and Articles > Comparing your experiece with a reference from a book

Conclude generally > facts then specifically

Future > What will I do next time to make it better? What I won’t and will be doing? Detail the reasons (Time scales and actions) Did I have enough time? Will I give myself more time?

Make an imaginative plan of what you will do next time! Your chance to go into real detail > how to improve your future in filming


6.1 Evaluative records (dates)

Highlight problems

Evaluative > changes skills for the better > Changes decisions


Evaluation Depends upon who is evaluating

Peer evaluation who took part in production > achieves their angle which will be different to yours


Gaining a high grade at the end it

have lots of money

What is your success

Your goals

What you believe success was? This is how you conclude?

Assessing & Evaluating are different but this is what you will have done within this process

Target audience for my piece.

My target audiene for my final major project is aimed at the ages between 16-50+ as it is about getting older and still enjoying yourself no matter your age. I am also part of the adudiance as I’m soon to leave college so I do feel like I am getting older but that isn’t going to stop me from having fun and stoping myself from doing what I want cause of my age even when I reach my 50’s I’ll still be the same.

Looking into specific ages of audiences are crucial for this piece, as I will be including character development through age. The particular Age that I want shown in my piece are people my age (between ages 18-25) to people between 50-60 years old. Obviously, the demographic between the two are very different; for exemple, those my age prefer to go out and party, and pretty much be outgoing & active but a lot of older people feel that they can’t do this which is not the case in my opinion you should be allowed to do whatever you want don’t let your age stop you!! That’s what the message behind my piece is.

I will make it very clear in my video that the main characters in the music video are teenagers I will do this by making them be shown that they are at college and in the phones they are using.

My piece is meant to be a inspartional messege to mainly old people and teens who are now leaving education and going into “the real world” and I want to movivate people to make the most out of thier youth and olderly people should still go have a good time and enjoy themselfs before it’s too late.

Technical issues 3.1

A problem with audio I came across was that I was using two mics and I had the input switches on the wrong settings. This was back in the beginning of my first year of college on level 2, I created a documentary with a group. Audio was something we desperately needed for this genre of media. When you use a panasonic camera with a separate mic I need to plug in the XLR lead in input one or two, I also have to match the input switches on the other side of the camera to the correct input the lead is in. I solved this problem by experimenting with the switches and plugs till finally the switch number matched the plug input.

For finial major project last year I created a documentary whilst trying to edit this I noticed I forgot to white balance the camera so I didn’t realise until I edited this as I was filming outside. This meant the exposure was high meaning there was too much light coming in the lens, I now realise at the time I should of white balanced before I even began to shoot. When you white balance you remove unrealistic colour and balance it out with RGB (Red, Green, Blue). I also believe that the pervious users of the camera didn’t reset the settings so that it was easier for me to realise I hadn’t set up the camera properly. Sometimes when you don’t white balance and you step into a different exterior one colour can be brought out more than other colours such as blue.

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Technical issues 3.1 notes

Solve practical & technical problems (250 words) 5/5/17 Friday

Take a technical aspect and technical learning

Video technology – scanning of the frame 25 frames per second etc

Interlaced – explain in detail, what is is and what I understand by it.

Lower upper lines and scanning of the frame

Plot the course to the camera you are using.

Taking what you’ve learnt and applying it to camera use in FMP

Using a DLSR (my personal project)


Look back @ blog left and right ppm, v.u, level, dB, broadcast bars and tone

what is the tone? the audio? bleep?


Lossy – small lossless – large



what files am i recording and using? and Edit suit which am i importing and how does it work? which files are allowed in premier pro?

Bits per second?

1 > have a look at blog

2 > Video technology (250 WORDS) writing about something technical in production

3 > Audio technology

4 > Compression Basic rules for production, detail and explanations

What problems are there?

Audio > Anecdote (small factual story you have experienced) input one or input 2. the lead is called an XLR x left and right. Analogue no audio? switches for different channels and what you are suing? Bars on the side which will generate tone so i dismiss distortion when i set up camera

Video > Calibration, letting the camera know what white is, make every colour present red green blue are present. Exterior (Inside to outside) Haven’t done white balance? White is RGB combined. Over exposed. So therefore, there will be too much light and the colours will not be balanced. Tungsten, no tungsten (man made light) Own research (distinction)

Compression > Lossy and lossless > FMP is compressed > Exported timeline > turns into an .mp4 > Investigate what a .mp4 is > mpeg moving pictures experts group when it originated why did it work? > explain why its lossy > problem is that you supply to client > describe how you get this to the client > got an .mp4 how do I get it across? > even if its lossy is its too large > how to move large files, google drive > google drive > compression the file > actual scenario > upload (research) what does youtube do with your edit and how does it upload your files?

EVIDENCE photos of camera that you have used > screen grab evidence

EXAMPLES solving technical problems (anecdote)