Video Installation project

For my video installation project I decided to do a funny themed video but in a strange way. I based the idea around charity’s trying to get viewers to donate to the charity such as Dogs trust or the RSPCA and so on.

In my video I used this idea to develop my own fake charity for rubbish but I made out the rubbish to be like humans that needed help as they were homeless etc. But really they are just rubbish that I placed for each shot.

The meaning of this video is to show the power behind music and the emotion and reactions it gives because if it wasn’t for the sad music the video would not have that small sad effect is brings. In my opinion anything is art and music I believe is another way to display art, For example in the video the music is meant to make the viewers feel sad and feel sorry for the rubbish in the video but at the same time the music makes the video funny because it’s meant to be silly and a joke at the same time.

The genre of this video is comedy because at the start of the video it seems like it’s going to be a serious but then it just turns into a joke so the viewers will be confused to start of with and realize it is a joke.

The audience for my video is mainly aimed for teenagers and adults aged between 13-40 due to the comedy nature and the silliness behind the video but it cant be aimed at children because of the use of bad language as there are two bad words used in the video.

I have now uploaded my video to YouTube here is the link:


8o’s fashion research

Brief Intro

8o’s fashion is a very memorable year for its iconic bold and flashy colours. Bright colours where a must or there was always a little bit of monochrome. There were many different styles such as preppy or sporty. The sporty style consisted of a lot of trainers with pulled up socks and skirts for girls or shorts for boys.

The females styles

Some examples of 80’s fashions for females are

Sporty style.

The preppy style is another style which is seen in films like Heather’s and Casual is again bright/bold colours as seen below.

Preppy Style
Casual Style

The male’s style

Some examples of 80’s fashion for males are below

Causal clothing back in the 80’s has had some sort of impact on today’s style as you can see in the picture below some men wear sporty kind jackets like these guys.

Casual style 1.
Casual style 2.

Casual style 3. (Colourful leggings also known as spandex)

The preppy style is my favourite look which normally consist of a blazer or sweater, loafers and some smart pants.

Preppy style which is seen in alot of films such as : The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink or Top Gun

What I like about 80’s fashion

What I love about 80’s fashion is how bright the colours are and how people stand out and really catch your attention, I also love how back in the 80’s you wouldn’t have to really worry about colours clashing like the present day, as I tend to wear a black and white because It’s easier and matches with everything I very rarely wear other colours and if I do there’s bound to be a black or white clothing item somewhere. I love how crazy the outfits are especially the disco themed outfits.

I looked at some catwalks as well for research and this one was my favourite as it shows lots of different types of styles and trends back in the 80’s.


Icons of 80’s fashion

There was a lot of Icons for 80’s fashion which inspired a lot the trends and styles. Some examples of these icons are

Mollie Ringwald:

Mollie stared in a lot of 80’s movies and is most well-known for staring in movies such as Pretty in Pink from (1986) or The Breakfast Club (1985). She normally played the role of a pretty/popular high school girl so a lot of girls would definitely look up to Mollie for fashion inspiration.

Miami Vice

I know it’s a TV show but the outfits used in this TV show would have had a big impact on formal and preppy styles of clothing with the bright suit jackets many wealthy men must have brought a similar suit jacket from this TV show. The thing I find interesting is how the detectives are wearing a t-shirt with the pastel jackets and smart trousers as most men in the present day would wear a white or a patterned shirt but I couldn’t tell you the last time I saw a man wearing a suit jacket with a t-shirt.