Evaluation of my website

My website needed a lot of research because it is for a festival so I will need to know everything about my audience so I got a lot of research such as graphs and statistics to find out my audience but I could of done a lot more.

I feel that my website went well overall and it was a lot better than the website I created last year, this is most likely because I had done it before so I already had an understanding of what to do plus I also experimented with making a tester website which I practiced using different tools etc. I did this so when I created my actual piece I could do it quickly and correct.

I liked the fact my website appealed to my audience for both genders as I used natural colors instead of the stereotypical pink for females or blue for males. I didn’t want my website to appeal to just females like Coachella tries to do I wanted to attract different audiences instead of the one.

I could of used some consumption for my website but this wouldn’t of been possible I have only just created my website so I wouldn’t be able to see my page views as the website isn’t actually live and available for anyone to view.

I will add links to Coachella’s official twitter account and Facebook account so anyone viewing can read more about Coachella on the official pages.

I wish I could of improved my website by adding backlinks but this wasn’t possible because my website isn’t live so I couldn’t find any other website for my website to appear from as the link wouldn’t of lead anywhere.

There was a few things that went wrong while creating my website at first I couldn’t get my A-Master Page with my background on to fit the whole page.


I messed around with the sizes and kept changing the size of the page but I did some research and found out all I had to do was go on every page and unlock them by pressing the arrow to make it face the other way and then eventually after unlocking them all the background fitted the page on every page.



I found it hard at first to add an image to my website but I found there was a add image button I tried that and the picture I added didn’t fit very well on to my page but then I decided to drag and drop my image and that worked better for some reason so I then decided to do it that way.

I made sure I had enough time to reach my deadline as I planned ahead this time as last time when I created my website last year I was all over the place confused as to were to start next but this team I made a plan and I did everything the day when handed to me and I made sure to add something to my website everyday so when I came to finishing it off a lot was already done.

I tried to create some buttons for my website and these buttons were for Facebook and Twitter. I had never created a button before so I found it very difficult at first but I started to mess around with the tools etc. after doing so I found out all I had to do was go into photoshop and duplicate a layer and then save it and import it to my website and then add the hyperlink of the page I wanted it to take my audicence to which was the offical Coachella Facebook and Twitter page.


Throughout createing my website what I was trying to achieve from the start was a website in which would make my audience want to buy a ticket and make the website appeal to both genders and not just one. I got some of my friends to look at my webiste and they said it appealed to them and I asked 2 males and 2 females so what I was trying to achieve did work I knew it was a small amount of people but that was enough for me to be happy with.

There was a couple of actions I could of taken to improve my website the first one being that I could of found a better background as I liked my background I used for my website at the moment but on some pages of my website it was just plain white which I thought it still went well with the website but I feel that if I spent some more time on finding a better one I could of. The second action I could of done was make some sub pages all I had was 6 separatre pages but I wish I made a sub page and what I mean by this is when the viewer would hover over one of my page links it would drop down with even more options for the viewer to click on I feel that this would of been a better way for the viewer to find what infomation they needed easier.

My time management was a lot better this time I managed to get everything that was esstintial to be done by the deadline unlike last year when I was all over the place and making mistakes all the time. Even though I got all the essential parts of my website done there was always time to improve and make things better so giving myself even more time I could have made my website even better.



Website Progress


My approach to my website has changed a lot from the start as I am now used to using it and now have the hang of it I remember taking ages to decide how to make a button menu that will lead to each page and I struggled to change the font of my title page as I wanted it to stand out but I watched a tutorial how to change it. Once I got he hang of using Muse I started to piece together how I wanted my website to look and be presented to my audience. I got some inspiration from other websites and how they had layed out their websites such as the V festival website the reason I looked at this website was because it is another festival so I could get some inspiration from this and add it to my website.


I successfully managed to create my menu that will lead to each page such as the homepage or contact us page etc. I was quick to do this as I remembered doing this last year when I created my website and I also did a draft website before creating this website so I knew what I was doing when it came to making the menu bar. I knew what to do when creating a title as well as I played around with this when making a draft website I had a look at all the different fonts and I already picked the one I already wanted to use for my actual website.


I came across a couple of challenges when making my website and the first being that I couldn’t find out how to make my font at first when making my draft website but I worked it out in the end and I knew what to do when making my actual website. I also Had a problem with making my background fit full screen onto my homepage etc.screen-shot-2016-11-04-at-14-23-07


As you can see above in these two screenshots I tried to make the background fit the whole of the page but when I went to preview what my website would look like on the web it looked like the bottom picture and there was still a white background surrounding it but I wanted the background photo of Coachella to fill the whole page and I eventually found out after messing around with different tools that all I need to do was unlock the page.



The picture above are what I needed to unlock to make the background fit the whole of my page so I needed the arrows to face away instead of towards.


Experiment for my website

For my website I decided that I would make a draft/fake of a website before I went on to create my real piece so I went and experimented with some of the tools I used last year to create my website to refresh my mind in case I had forgotten.


A lot of things went wrong at first as I had forgotten how to use Muse and the first thing that went wrong was that Instead of creating a row of hyperlink boxes linking to each page of website I created square boxes which I wasn’t meant to do and I wondered why it wasn’t working for a while.


Then I went back to the plan tab and started to create other pages.


As you can see above I created different pages that I would use for my website such as the homepage and the ticket page etc. I then went onto the A-Master page and created a horizontal line of the links so it would post onto every page I just created and the user could get from one to another and then posted the title of the website above.


The second thing that went wrong was that I forgot to delete the hyperlink tab and title I had already created on the homepage as they was now being overlapped by the A-Master’s hyperlinks and title so I deleted the title and hyperlink tab of the homepage and then it was all sorted.



I then experimented with the text boxes and went to see what they would look like when I previewed them as if it was an actual website,

After experimenting with this draft I think I now have the confidence and am ready to create the actual website as if i hadn’t experimented with the tools again I would have wasted a lot of time but no I know what I am doing.








Report For Audience


For my project I am creating a website for Coachella my website is for a music festival so I will need to know my target audience so I can create a suitable website appealing to my specific audience, I will need to know the age of my audience the most common gender and what my audience like such as brands etc. My website will have the suitable colors and look for the audience I have found out.


I plan to create a website suited for my target audience by adding colors and picture that will attract my audience.


For my project I found out my target audience by looking at different demographics and quantitative research.

One of the first pieces of data/research I needed to find out for my target audience was the ages of my audience so I found a graph of an eventbrite page and they collected a lot of different information of who Coachella’s target audience is by gathering information from their twitter accounts and on the graph it showed that the most of the people who visited Coachella was people aged from 20 to 24 and this was by 30% and just below this was teenagers aged between 17-19 and this was 27% wishlist the lowest being elders between 60 and over.

So after finding out the age of my target audience I went onto find out the gender of my target audience and I collected this from the eventbrite report again and they had enough graph and from this graph I found out that 55% was females and males was just below 50% by 48%.

The last thing I needed to find out from this research I was collecting from this eventbrite report was some Psyhographic research so I found a graph that the eventbrite report have created and it showed the favorite brands was McDoanlds and Starbucks.

I also looked at photographs of people at Coachella and there was a lot of females in each photo there was males in some but there was always females and they was young as well which shows that my research from the graphs was correct.

I looked at a poster of Coachella 2016 and it was very clear by the colors and the pictures in the photo that they was trying to aim it at both males and females but mainly females.


From the research I have collected I now know who my audience is and how I should create my website to my specific audience. I now know that my main audience is females aged between 20 -24 so I will base my website on this research I have found. I still need to slightly aim my website at males but more females because males was around 45% so it isn’t too far of females. I will use bright colors to make it appeal to my audience and add pictures that aren’t childish I will try and make it mature. I also looked at the map for Coachella and I didn’t like it so I will improve it and make it suitable for my audience.

Characteristics and Context

My website will include a lot of modern content. Coachella is a music festival so I will base it on a music/art theme. The music played is all modern so I will have to fit the style of this by making the theme of my website seem modern and not old fashioned as such.

The Geographical context for Coachella is LA California in the Colorado Dessert.

I want my websites Characteristics to feel the same as Coachella as I like the vibe and feel it gives of it gives a very relaxed and innocent look to it were as a festival like boom bap is more upbeat and loud. Coachella’s innocent and happy feeling is something I will take and try and include in my website by adding bright colors and big bold righting and features like confetti flying out of the “Coachella” title which is on the homepage at the top as I want it to stand out and I want people to feel happy and laid back when viewing my website. To keep portraying the feeling of happiness I will need pictures of people at the event smiling and looking like they are having a good time.

I also want Coachella’s Geographical context to remain the same as I feel it best suites the feeling and overall character of Coachella as LA is a beautiful happy place and has good weather and is very bright and lively so the current Geographical context is perfect for how I want my website to feel.

Financially wise If my website was done professionally I feel it would cost quite a lot to make as you will need adverts on the website of footage of the event otherwise people would not be able to tell if the festival was something that appealed to them as people want to see what goes on and they want to see people having fun so it would cost a lot to make an advert as it would require equipment and actors.

Target Audience For Coachella

To find out my target audience for my festival I used research from a Music Festival study by Eventbrite and they collected a study from twitter accounts that were from Coachella and it shows that the highest percentage was 30% by people from the age of 20 to the age of 24 and just below was teens the age of 17 to 19 and the percentage for them was around 27% and the lowest being elders between the ages of 60 and over.


I collected some more quantitative research from eventbrite as they collected a graph showing the genders and the most users was females at 55% percent while male was just below 50% with 48%.


I then made sure I got some Psyhographic reasearch so I used a graph from eventbrite again. Eventbrite collected most of Coachella’s favorite brands from thier twitter accounts and the graph shows that Starbucks, McDonalds, and Walmart were music festival fans’ favorite brands.

Coachaella’s social class tends to be middle class but there are a lot of upper class people who attend. I found a post from VICE which had this to say this about Coachella “The truth is that it’s a total mystery. I know Coachella isn’t a British festival, but I’ve added it as it seems like the final level for the festival-going super elite, a mythical utopia peppered with beautiful women, incredible weather and a line-up that can only be witnessed by people with trust-funds or careers in the city.” This tells me that Coachella isn’t just targeted at people from the U.S it is also aimed at audiences from from the U.K as well but only people with a lot of money would be able to attend.”

I took a look at the kind of people that attend Coachella by looking at photos and watching YouTube videos. By the photo’s I looked at I could see that everyone at Coachella seems happy and friendly and their attitudes towards the concert are positive as I couldn’t find any photos of anyone looking upset or unhappy. Below are 2 photo’s that are some of the photo’s I looked at these photo’s show that everyone is having a good time.



Here is a map of Coachella and it’s layout.


I don’t like the colors used in the map as I feel it doesn’t suite the theme and the target audience I feel it is more for kids and not teenagers / over 18’s. I would use more bright colors for mine but I would make sure the colors go together. I also feel that the key is not very useful and confusing to understand, I would make the key more easier to understand by just drawing colors to represent what it is e.g restrooms etc.


Here is one of Coachella’s 2016 posters, In my opinion I feel that it is more aimed at females and the reason for this is because of the butterflies and the colorful look of the poster and I feel like Coachella did this because their biggest audience is females but males are that far behind. This could be sexist in a way but I also feel they tried to make appealing to boys slightly as well because of the blue and the “Coachella” logo looks like it is more aimed at boys then it is girls because of the dark blue.


My website I’m going create a load of different pages such as my homepage and links to other pages including

  • Homepage
  • Contact page
  • Line-Up
  • Gallery (Photo’s and videos of people at Coachella)
  • Knowledge Base (This page will include all information about the event)
  • Tickets

The homepage is going to consist of pictures and an advertisement video. It will most importantly have the title at the top of the page and underneath it will have links to other pages which are listed above and there will also be a homepage link as well in case people wish to return to the original page.

I will put the line-up after the homepage link as I’m hoping the user will click on the line-up afterwards as the main thing people are interested in when attending a festival is the line-up so this is what I need people to look at as this is where most of the ticket purchases will come from.

The gallery page will have photo’s and videos of people at the event and I will make sure I pick pictures of people having fun so people will want to come to experience this as well. There will also be a video advertisement to make people want to buy tickets.

For the contact page it will contain different ways to contact such as email or phone number etc.

The Knowledge Base page will have all sorts of information about the event such as a FAQ section, festival rules, a purchasing section, a camping section, travel planning etc.

The last page will be the tickets section I will put this at the end of the page as I want this to be the last place the user will click on as I want them to buy tickets and hopefully they would have looked at all the other pages first so they will know everything they need to know about the event and they would have seen the videos and line-up to make them want to buy one.

Synopsis – I am going to create a website so in my treatment I am going to explain how I’m going to create it and how a user will get to one point to another and then finally leading them to buying tickets I want my website represent the “lover”and I need one of my pages to be the sage so it will have all the answers that the user will need to know. The sage would be the Knowledge Base page as it has all the information the user/customer will need. The lover will be the whole website as I want my audience to love my website.

Logline – Steps to creating my website

Act 1: My first step to create my website is to design my homepage. On my homepage I will need to create other links to my other pages such as the ticket page and the line up page etc. To do this I will create a box around each link e.g line-up or contact us and then the user can navigate from page to page with a single click they will be able to check out the knowledge page so they can find out all the information they need.

Act 2: After checking most of the links the user/customer will most likely want to know all the information about the event so they will look at the knowledge page and then this should be enough for them to go check out the ticket section.

Act 3: The ticket page will be the final page where the user should visit especially as I will make this the last hyperlink on the links bar underneath the title. The ticket section will be where the customer will purchase their ticket so this should be the final page. I will target this at mainly females so I will most likely use pink on my website to attract them or maybe a color that will attract both genders. My audience is aimed at people between the ages of 20-24 so I won’t make the website look immature it will have to be quite mature so I will use pictures of people having fun at the festival as this is what will attract them the most.