Target audience for my piece.

My target audiene for my final major project is aimed at the ages between 16-50+ as it is about getting older and still enjoying yourself no matter your age. I am also part of the adudiance as I’m soon to leave college so I do feel like I am getting older but that isn’t going to stop me from having fun and stoping myself from doing what I want cause of my age even when I reach my 50’s I’ll still be the same.

Looking into specific ages of audiences are crucial for this piece, as I will be including character development through age. The particular Age that I want shown in my piece are people my age (between ages 18-25) to people between 50-60 years old. Obviously, the demographic between the two are very different; for exemple, those my age prefer to go out and party, and pretty much be outgoing & active but a lot of older people feel that they can’t do this which is not the case in my opinion you should be allowed to do whatever you want don’t let your age stop you!! That’s what the message behind my piece is.

I will make it very clear in my video that the main characters in the music video are teenagers I will do this by making them be shown that they are at college and in the phones they are using.

My piece is meant to be a inspartional messege to mainly old people and teens who are now leaving education and going into “the real world” and I want to movivate people to make the most out of thier youth and olderly people should still go have a good time and enjoy themselfs before it’s too late.


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