Technical issues 3.1

A problem with audio I came across was that I was using two mics and I had the input switches on the wrong settings. This was back in the beginning of my first year of college on level 2, I created a documentary with a group. Audio was something we desperately needed for this genre of media. When you use a panasonic camera with a separate mic I need to plug in the XLR lead in input one or two, I also have to match the input switches on the other side of the camera to the correct input the lead is in. I solved this problem by experimenting with the switches and plugs till finally the switch number matched the plug input.

For finial major project last year I created a documentary whilst trying to edit this I noticed I forgot to white balance the camera so I didn’t realise until I edited this as I was filming outside. This meant the exposure was high meaning there was too much light coming in the lens, I now realise at the time I should of white balanced before I even began to shoot. When you white balance you remove unrealistic colour and balance it out with RGB (Red, Green, Blue). I also believe that the pervious users of the camera didn’t reset the settings so that it was easier for me to realise I hadn’t set up the camera properly. Sometimes when you don’t white balance and you step into a different exterior one colour can be brought out more than other colours such as blue.

18361263_120332000586963264_1464681495_n                    18309026_120332000578648259_592263214_n


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