My story board shows a few scenes from my music video such as them all chucking papers as they have finished college. I also talk about the different shot types I have planned to use.



  1. Sound fascinating
  2. Page Turner
  3. Adjectives & verbs
  4. Establish characters & emotional journey
  5. Capture the feeling

Act 1 – Set-up (plot, setting up characters etc.)

Act 2 – Conflict (Problem)

Act 3 Resoulution



Critical and contextual


For my research I have looked at different sources that look at getting older and the changes that happen as my music video is about getting older and your youth is now over and that you must enjoy the moment as time is short.


I got inspiration from songs such as Alessia Cara’s song “Seventeen” and Foxes “Youth” and also Troye Sivan’s “Youth” as they are all to with getting older.


I have two ideas for the music video either the video will be about a group of teenagers messing around and having fun at a certain locations it will be able a certain individual and it will show them ageing from a teenager to being an adult and will show them at work and getting stressed etc.


I will use a different variety of shot types close and mid shots will be the main shots I use and I will use close ups as I want to be able to show how the individuals are feeling.


I want my audience to be able to relate to my music video but also get a good feeling to it as just cause your getting older doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun and do the stuff you would of done in your childhood.


For my edit I will use lots of cuts for different moments of the teenagers doing random things.



I will present my work on YouTube because I want young and the older generation to be able to see it.


I will use survey’s and poll’s etc. to help me write my evaluation so I can also reflect on other people’s opinions.