Report on communication skills

There are a lot a different communication skills that can be used to apply for a job, college or university etc, such as a CV, personal statement,interview techniques and even telephone skills such as a interview through the phone.

Interview techniques

Interview techniques are a way to show a interviewer who you are, what you have to offer and will also help them decide if you are what they are looking for. They are used to benefit the interviewee such as STAR, research the company and being prepared.

STAR is the best way to answer the person who is interviewing you when asked a question; it will answer the interviewers question in a professional and organised manner because you follow 4 simple steps the first being S which stands for situation which is were you refer back to a situation you went through and the location of were it happened, the second step is T which stands for task. By using task as the 2nd step you explain to the interviewer wether you was alone or working as a team when the situation occurred and what the task was. After you have explained the task you then follow up with the 3rd step and the 3rd step is A which stands for Action. Action will tell the interviewer what action you took to complete the task or problem you had and how you tackled it or if you was in a team you would say how you took charge and took action of the task or problem. The final step of the STAR techique is R which stands for Result. So after you have explained to the interview all the steps you have taken to solve the task and how you took action you must then explain the outcome and then the interviewer will have a clear understanding of the whole situation.

Another interview technique is researching the company you are applying whether that be a job vacancy or a college or a university etc. This helps a lot during an interview as it shows you are interested about the company and you have an understanding of how it the company already works this will look good to the interviewer and will improve your chances of the interview being successful. Knowing about the company will save you if the interviewer asks you a question about the company as you will now know how to answer the question as you have an understanding of the company.

What you wear is another interview technique as what you wear will show the interviewer how you present yourself. Dressing up formal will show the interviewer you care about how you look and that you have made an effort were as if you turned up in a tracksuit it wouldn’t really seem that you made an effort. Your trying to impress the interviewer so try to present yourself to them in a way which shows you care about the company and yourself  so be passionate with what you wear and sound passionate about what your applying for combining both your personality and your clothes is a good way to impress the interviewer.

Personal Statement

A personal statement is a way to tell a university or college why they should pick you and what makes you stand out from the other applicants.

In a personal statement you will talk about yourself and the subject you are applying for so you will talk about why you want the course and when you first discovered you had an interest in the subject and try to promote yourself to the university.

Your personal statement will give uni’s an insight into what kind of a person you are and if you sound right for the course you are applying for so personal statements are a great way to get you into university’s.


One of the most common communication skills is a CV which is used to apply for jobs and this will most likely be nearly every job anyone would apply for because a CV will contain the vital information an interviewer will need to know such as your age, qualifications, previous experience and a little about yourself. This will give the manager or interviewer or whoever is in charge a idea of who is applying and weather to offer an interview based according to what they have read.

CV’s will also help the person interviewing you remember information about you in case they have loads of applicants applying for the same job so this is a good way to tell who is applying for the job for interviewees.


Interview Questions Prep

Situation (Location)

Task (Team & Me)

Action (Me & what I did)

Result (Outcome)


Competency? -The ability to do something successfully or efficiently.

Behaviours that are effective

Attitudes, skills, knowledge – Common sense, Think for yourself


(Real life examples)

Exam candidate is asked similar questions

Tell me about a time when… (When you had to work under pressure) (When you had to reach a deadline and how you did it)

Describe an occasion when… (You showed a high level of cleanliness)

When has it been important to… (

Give me an example of…

Tell me about a time when


Customer Focus

Difficult customer

Adapt communication?

Difficult obstacle?

– Team management

– Strategic thinking

– Effective organisation

– Collaborative working



Tell me about a time you went out of your way to achieve something important to you?

Managing people

Inspired trust

Sensitive situation

Effective organisation

Achieve deadline

Time & Prioritise

Complete project (completing projects)

Last minute requests

Collaborative working

Successful team

People different views who agree?

Complete project with people outside the team

Star – Acroym

Star – acroym



soft skills – teamwork, patient, negotiation,

communication – social media , telephone,

While working at Next I have had to help numerous customers with different problems most of the time it was helping them choose an outfit for certain occasion.





Avoid Acronym