Evaluation of my website

My website needed a lot of research because it is for a festival so I will need to know everything about my audience so I got a lot of research such as graphs and statistics to find out my audience but I could of done a lot more.

I feel that my website went well overall and it was a lot better than the website I created last year, this is most likely because I had done it before so I already had an understanding of what to do plus I also experimented with making a tester website which I practiced using different tools etc. I did this so when I created my actual piece I could do it quickly and correct.

I liked the fact my website appealed to my audience for both genders as I used natural colors instead of the stereotypical pink for females or blue for males. I didn’t want my website to appeal to just females like Coachella tries to do I wanted to attract different audiences instead of the one.

I could of used some consumption for my website but this wouldn’t of been possible I have only just created my website so I wouldn’t be able to see my page views as the website isn’t actually live and available for anyone to view.

I will add links to Coachella’s official twitter account and Facebook account so anyone viewing can read more about Coachella on the official pages.

I wish I could of improved my website by adding backlinks but this wasn’t possible because my website isn’t live so I couldn’t find any other website for my website to appear from as the link wouldn’t of lead anywhere.

There was a few things that went wrong while creating my website at first I couldn’t get my A-Master Page with my background on to fit the whole page.


I messed around with the sizes and kept changing the size of the page but I did some research and found out all I had to do was go on every page and unlock them by pressing the arrow to make it face the other way and then eventually after unlocking them all the background fitted the page on every page.



I found it hard at first to add an image to my website but I found there was a add image button I tried that and the picture I added didn’t fit very well on to my page but then I decided to drag and drop my image and that worked better for some reason so I then decided to do it that way.

I made sure I had enough time to reach my deadline as I planned ahead this time as last time when I created my website last year I was all over the place confused as to were to start next but this team I made a plan and I did everything the day when handed to me and I made sure to add something to my website everyday so when I came to finishing it off a lot was already done.

I tried to create some buttons for my website and these buttons were for Facebook and Twitter. I had never created a button before so I found it very difficult at first but I started to mess around with the tools etc. after doing so I found out all I had to do was go into photoshop and duplicate a layer and then save it and import it to my website and then add the hyperlink of the page I wanted it to take my audicence to which was the offical Coachella Facebook and Twitter page.


Throughout createing my website what I was trying to achieve from the start was a website in which would make my audience want to buy a ticket and make the website appeal to both genders and not just one. I got some of my friends to look at my webiste and they said it appealed to them and I asked 2 males and 2 females so what I was trying to achieve did work I knew it was a small amount of people but that was enough for me to be happy with.

There was a couple of actions I could of taken to improve my website the first one being that I could of found a better background as I liked my background I used for my website at the moment but on some pages of my website it was just plain white which I thought it still went well with the website but I feel that if I spent some more time on finding a better one I could of. The second action I could of done was make some sub pages all I had was 6 separatre pages but I wish I made a sub page and what I mean by this is when the viewer would hover over one of my page links it would drop down with even more options for the viewer to click on I feel that this would of been a better way for the viewer to find what infomation they needed easier.

My time management was a lot better this time I managed to get everything that was esstintial to be done by the deadline unlike last year when I was all over the place and making mistakes all the time. Even though I got all the essential parts of my website done there was always time to improve and make things better so giving myself even more time I could have made my website even better.



Website Progress


My approach to my website has changed a lot from the start as I am now used to using it and now have the hang of it I remember taking ages to decide how to make a button menu that will lead to each page and I struggled to change the font of my title page as I wanted it to stand out but I watched a tutorial how to change it. Once I got he hang of using Muse I started to piece together how I wanted my website to look and be presented to my audience. I got some inspiration from other websites and how they had layed out their websites such as the V festival website the reason I looked at this website was because it is another festival so I could get some inspiration from this and add it to my website.


I successfully managed to create my menu that will lead to each page such as the homepage or contact us page etc. I was quick to do this as I remembered doing this last year when I created my website and I also did a draft website before creating this website so I knew what I was doing when it came to making the menu bar. I knew what to do when creating a title as well as I played around with this when making a draft website I had a look at all the different fonts and I already picked the one I already wanted to use for my actual website.


I came across a couple of challenges when making my website and the first being that I couldn’t find out how to make my font at first when making my draft website but I worked it out in the end and I knew what to do when making my actual website. I also Had a problem with making my background fit full screen onto my homepage etc.screen-shot-2016-11-04-at-14-23-07


As you can see above in these two screenshots I tried to make the background fit the whole of the page but when I went to preview what my website would look like on the web it looked like the bottom picture and there was still a white background surrounding it but I wanted the background photo of Coachella to fill the whole page and I eventually found out after messing around with different tools that all I need to do was unlock the page.



The picture above are what I needed to unlock to make the background fit the whole of my page so I needed the arrows to face away instead of towards.