The Golden Age & The Paramount Decision

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The “golden age” was between the years of 1928 and 1948. The Golden Age was a big year for the major studios such as Paramount, Universal, fox etc.

1928 was defiantly a massive year for the film industry because sound was created for films.

This period of film was on a “production line model”

People used to watch films like Gone With The Wind (1940) to escape the worries of the great depression.

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Olivia De Havilland

Olivia De Havilland who played Melanie Hamilton from Gone With The Wind decided to sue Warner Bros one of the biggest film production companies still to date. She decided to sue Warner Bros because of how she was treated as an actress as it is write in Warner Bros contract that once you have signed the contract you must act and play whoever they wish for the company for 7 years and Olivia didn’t want to play the role she was given so she refused and Warner Bros said they would fire her and call up all the other major companies to tell them not to give her a job. Olivia then took Warner Bros to court and she won her case and changed the film industry for the greater good.

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Values and limitations of a festival

For my project I am doing it on a music festival so I will need some research to help me to produce my idea and I also need to know the values and limitations as this will give me a better understanding.


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Above is a painting of a music concert by Durland Ave Studios the values of this research source are that it uses the hypodermic needle model this is were the artist makes the audience feel a certain way intentionally another value is that it captures historical values this is because they are using interments were as now a days most artists are using computerized sounds.

The limitations of this oli painting is that it is coming from one persons point of view this means that the painting is biased it could of been painted front he bands point of view which maybe would of altered the painting all together with a different feeling.

Values of a music festival may include that you will get a first hand knowledge of all the content such as the music and artists that will perform and any other events that may be happening at the festival. Another value is the snapshot of opinion as the festival may have a lot of different opinions of it.

As for limitations for a music there is such limitations such as the age ratings/limits because some music festivals may be limited for different ages as there may be explicit content  such as lyrics or props and outfits on stage etc. plus there could be age restrictions on products such as alcohol as you must be 18+ in the UK to purchase alcohol but the festival I have chosen to base my idea on is Coachella so the age restriction would be 21+ as the festival is located in the U.S.A in California. Another limitation is that not everything that is listed about the festival may not be for example if it is said that a random band will perform it is not 100% certain that they may be able to perform as the band may have a member down due to being ill or the band may be late and missed their schedule.

“The beat of the music goes THUD! THUD! THUD!
As revellers dance around, ankle deep, in thick, gooey mud.
Bedecked in waterproofs and their designer Wellington boots,
The festival goers are all having themselves a right old hoot.

Famous bands have been booked to headline.
The organisers pray that the weather stays fine.
Revellers of every age – both young and old,
Are wrapped up against the wild wind, so cold.

The fans sway from side to side and wave their hands,
As they sing along at the tops of their voices to the bands.
Some fans are here to see their favourite bands in the flesh,
While others want to check out talent, that’s new and fresh.”

Above is the first 3 paragraphs of a poem called “The Musical Festival” by Angela Wybrow again it uses he hypodermic needle model to make the audience feel a certain way as the writer talks about different perspectives including the fans, organisers etc. Some people reading the poem may be able to relate to it as they may be one of the people mentioned like the fans or the band etc.I belive that the writer is trying to make the reader feel a lot of different emotions because the writer mentions different types of people in the poem such as the fans or the band or even the organisers so this shows that the reader is trying to get you to see from their perspectives and how they feel.

The limitations of this poem is that it is bias as you are reading this from their point of view so not everything could be true.



Creative festival proposal


  • V festival
  • Sundown
  • Reading
  • Coachella
  • Boom Bap
  • Secret Garden
  • Summertime Ball
  • Radio 1


I have choosen to do my festival on Coachella because it is my favorite festival and I love the music.

The Location of coachella is located in Calfirona at the Empire Polo Club, Indio in the colorado dessert. The festival takes place on the 14th of April – 23rd of April every year. There are many artists that attend the event such as

  • A$AP Rocky
  • Flume
  • The 1975
  • Halsey
  • SZA
  • Years & Years
  • Calin Harris
  • Grimes
  • Alessia Cara
  • Baauer
  • Discloure
  • Gary Clark Jr.
  • Ice Cube
  • M83
  • Of Monsters and Men
  • Purity Ring
  • Rae Sremmurd

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A lot of celebrity’s attend the event who you can meet such as

  • Kylie Jenner
  • Kendall Jenner
  • Kourtney Kardashian
  • Lucy Hale
  • Troian Bellisario
  • Shay Mitchell

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I have choosen to either create a website for Coachella or Promo/Advertisment to be shown on TV or YouTube ads.

For my project I have decided to do a website to advertise a music festival originally I was going to base it on Sundown but I have changed my mind and I will create a website for the Coachella festival instead of Sundown but both of these was very similar ideas so I won’t have to take a dramatic change for changing my idea.

My website will consist of information about the event such as the location as people will need to know were it is, also I will list the artists that will be performing as my audience is mainly based on what acts are attending. My website will have hyperlinks that will lead to different pages such as the homepage, contact us page and the acts page. There will be more pages than the ones listed but those are some examples. I will add different images to show what I want the festival to look like and how my audience will perceive the festival and if it appeals to them.

To edit my website I will use Muse just like I did last year to create my website basically giving a detailed description of me and what work I have done. Because I have created a website before I will feel more confident in creating one this time around.

With my website being based on Coachella I must use its original location it will be held at, also the acts that will be attending I will choose my own acts but base them on the acts that would normally perform at Coachella I will stick to the normal days and time etc. My festival will be held over a 3 day weekend just like the Sundown festival and will have different acts over these 3 days so on my website I will need to list these acts on there and what day they will be performing. I will also need to have a ticket page were customers would be able to buy their tickets but because it isn’t a real festival obviously they won’t actual be able to buy tickets.

I will use photos and videos on the website to make it look more appealing to my audience, I will use photos like picture of people dancing and chilling at a festival and I may use videos from other YouTubers of their time at festival.

I need to have a theme for my website but I want my primary color to be pale blue but I haven’t decided 100% to what color I will actually use for my website yet.


The Birth of cinema and Hollywood

In the beginning of photography there was photography but no moving image (1827)

Several people made developments toward the moving image, but no single person can truly claim to have “invented” cinema itself as there was numerous of contributions. Some of the major contributors towards the moving image include.

  • Louis Le Prince (UK)
  • Thomas Edison (USA)
  • George Eastman (USA)
  • George Melles (France)
  • The Lumiere Brothers (France)

In 1884 George Eastman invented film on a roll as opposed to single slides.

In 1889 Thomas Edison invented a kinetoscope (right) which was a machine through which one person could view 50 feet of film through a slit in the top.

Louis Le Prince Invented a machine the size of a small refrigerator which could record image moving.

Then the panopticon was invented which meant more than one person at a time could watch.

In January 1894, a five second film starring an Edison technician called Fred was shot on kinetoscope, it consisted of a man sneezing and everyone was amazed by this.

The first studio was named “The Black Mariah”


Nickelodeons – a cinema with an admission fee of one nickel.

Filmmakers started to show their work in vaudeville theaters as a novelty act, and were very popular.

The first small scale cinemas were created, these were called Nickelodeons because it cost a nickel which was 5 cents to go in. By 1905 there were 1000 of them in the USA.


The demand for films was growing. The first “film exchange” started in 1902 which was the first form of distribution. these exchanges bought films from the producers (filmmakers) and then rented them to exhibitions (Nickelodeons). By 1907 there were 159 film exchanges in the USA.


In the early days of filmaking as it became more popular, a row over film copyright emerged. Edison realized that he had to do something, but he had not invented actual film itself (that was Eastman) so he patented the sprocket holes in the film by which it was clawed through the camera. Now anyone who wanted to use film with sprocket holes, which was everyone, had to pay.

Other film makers were furious and many refused to pay. Carl Laemmie was particularly annoyed. Edison started sueing anyone who tried to make a fim without paying him.

Edison had joined with Biograph in 1908 and along with 8 leading producer, they set up the MPPC (motion picture patents company) and agreed not to sell or lease film equipment to any distributors who purchase motion pictures from any other company. This meant people were basically forced to use the MPPC equipment and the MPPC could now afford to buy the film exchanges.

By 1910, the MPPC owned 48 film exchanges and set up its own distribution company, The General Film Company, and bought some of the nickelodeons too.


Lammie argued that Edison shouldn’t have a monopoly on the film making industry and the MPPC were ordered to split up. Lammie then decided to move to the other side of America to Los Angeles, (Hollywood) where low tax and lively theaters made it more appealing than other cities. He started Universal Studios in 1915 and 2 years later it was worth $5 million.