Job roles in the creative media industry

There are many different types of job roles in the creative media industry and each requires different qualifications and a variety of core skills.

There are around 10 main sectors of different job roles which are Advertising and , Marketing Communications, Animation, Fashion and Textiles, Film, Games, Photo Imaging, Publishing, Radio, TV and the last being VFX. These are the main sectors but there are some minor sectors in the creative media industry.

For the Film sector there is different roles such as being an Actor, Producer, Location Manager, Make-up and hair artist.or even being part of a catering crew. These roles all fall under being part of the film sector and these roles are then part of different departments. Each of these roles will require different qualifications for example for the catering crew you will need a recognized Catering qualification such as city guilds or a NVQ vocational qualification. Skills that someone will need for the role of a chef in the Catering department is to run well organized kitchens, cook and cater for large numbers, have full training in and knowledge of health and safety procedures in the kitchen. Those are just some examples of the skills and qualifications someone would need to be a part of the catering department.

Another department in Film is the Production department this is were roles such as Producer, DCP Author’s, Digital Imaging Technician and Location  managers would fall under. To become a Producer you don’t actually need a specific qualification instead you may need to take a course in higher education but you may not. Some core skills you will need are to have experience of working in the film industry, have a good business sense, be self motivated, be good at problem solving, be able to prepare and control the production budget and be able to secure finance for the production.


Film isn’t the only sector to have loads of departments such as the two I have spoke about (Catering and Production) there are so many departments in Film such as Construction, Performers, Marketing, Sound, Lighting, Costume, Props, Script and even Transport but these aren’t the only departments in Film there are a lot more.

The other sectors I spoke about such as Fashion and Textiles and Animation etc. All have their own Departments like Film does there are almost endless opportunities for someone who is interested in finding a career in the creative media industry.

Some more job roles examples are


Fashion and Textiles:

  • Beamer
  • Carpet Designer
  • Clothing Manufacturing engineer
  • Clothing Packer
  • Costume Designer
  • Fashion Photographer
  • Sales Representative


  • Concept Artist
  • Matte Painter
  • Producer (VFX)
  • Technical Director
  • Compositor
  • Lighting Technical Director or Lighter


  • Animator
  • Audio Engineer
  • External Producer
  • Creative Director
  • Game Designer
  • Game Programmer
  • Game Artist
  • Level Editor
  • Lead Artist


  • Podcast Producer
  • Radio Broadcast Assistant
  • Radio Broadcast Journalist
  • Radio News Editor
  • Radio Presenter
  • Radio Reporter
  • Radio Producer


  • Animation Director or Supervisor
  • Animator (2D computer animation)
  • Animator (2d drawn animation)
  • Digital Painter
  • CG Modeler
  • Inbetweener
  • Key Animator

Those was some examples of other roles in different sectors and departments and there was many more I could of listed.



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