Filming part 2 8/6/16

For my final project I decided to film at the walks opposite the Spar shop near the level crossing. The reason I chose to film here was because their tends a good amount of people hanging around there especially around lunchtime so I thought lunch time would be a good time to film.

I borrowed a camera and battery pack from Scott and used my SD to store my footage. I asked Beth & Sam to help me carry some bags and help me record so we left around 12:15 and arrived at the walks around 12:30 and it was quite busy and enough people to use in my film.

I then looked for different types of people I could record for my film such as teenagers, people on bikes, elderly people and I even managed to get some footage of a bride in her white wedding dress which I was very happy about.

It took about an hour to record so we then headed back to college and gave the camera back.

I did have a couple of problems when it came to filming. First of all I forgot to white balance the camera so my footage came out to have a blue tint to it so I had to color balance it when it came to editing and secondly I was looking to find people who looked like they fell under one of the typical stereotypes such as the emo’s etc but there wasn’t any so I had to use images of Google instead in my video.

Overall I felt that the recording went well but I wish had more to film and that I would of white balanced the camera as it would of saved me a lot of time when it came to editing the footage.


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