Job roles in the creative media industry

There are many different types of job roles in the creative media industry and each requires different qualifications and a variety of core skills.

There are around 10 main sectors of different job roles which are Advertising and , Marketing Communications, Animation, Fashion and Textiles, Film, Games, Photo Imaging, Publishing, Radio, TV and the last being VFX. These are the main sectors but there are some minor sectors in the creative media industry.

For the Film sector there is different roles such as being an Actor, Producer, Location Manager, Make-up and hair artist.or even being part of a catering crew. These roles all fall under being part of the film sector and these roles are then part of different departments. Each of these roles will require different qualifications for example for the catering crew you will need a recognized Catering qualification such as city guilds or a NVQ vocational qualification. Skills that someone will need for the role of a chef in the Catering department is to run well organized kitchens, cook and cater for large numbers, have full training in and knowledge of health and safety procedures in the kitchen. Those are just some examples of the skills and qualifications someone would need to be a part of the catering department.

Another department in Film is the Production department this is were roles such as Producer, DCP Author’s, Digital Imaging Technician and Location  managers would fall under. To become a Producer you don’t actually need a specific qualification instead you may need to take a course in higher education but you may not. Some core skills you will need are to have experience of working in the film industry, have a good business sense, be self motivated, be good at problem solving, be able to prepare and control the production budget and be able to secure finance for the production.


Film isn’t the only sector to have loads of departments such as the two I have spoke about (Catering and Production) there are so many departments in Film such as Construction, Performers, Marketing, Sound, Lighting, Costume, Props, Script and even Transport but these aren’t the only departments in Film there are a lot more.

The other sectors I spoke about such as Fashion and Textiles and Animation etc. All have their own Departments like Film does there are almost endless opportunities for someone who is interested in finding a career in the creative media industry.

Some more job roles examples are


Fashion and Textiles:

  • Beamer
  • Carpet Designer
  • Clothing Manufacturing engineer
  • Clothing Packer
  • Costume Designer
  • Fashion Photographer
  • Sales Representative


  • Concept Artist
  • Matte Painter
  • Producer (VFX)
  • Technical Director
  • Compositor
  • Lighting Technical Director or Lighter


  • Animator
  • Audio Engineer
  • External Producer
  • Creative Director
  • Game Designer
  • Game Programmer
  • Game Artist
  • Level Editor
  • Lead Artist


  • Podcast Producer
  • Radio Broadcast Assistant
  • Radio Broadcast Journalist
  • Radio News Editor
  • Radio Presenter
  • Radio Reporter
  • Radio Producer


  • Animation Director or Supervisor
  • Animator (2D computer animation)
  • Animator (2d drawn animation)
  • Digital Painter
  • CG Modeler
  • Inbetweener
  • Key Animator

Those was some examples of other roles in different sectors and departments and there was many more I could of listed.



Finishing The Pre-Production Setup

I have now finished my risk assessment, storyboard and mood board for my final project. They all were good and worked out okay apart from one issue with the storyboard which was that I decided not to use one of the scenes from my storyboard into my final project video. Choosing what to have in my final major project was a problem for a while but in the end I knew what to do.

I collected some research using different research types such as a questionnaire which I handed out to the class which gave me the results I wanted which was that most of the class felt they didn’t categorize themselves under any stereotype. I then used an article and a book to give me some ideas and information to use for my final project such as typical high school stereotypes, and how black people tend to be stereotyped.

I went only a tiny bit over the maximum length limit for my final project video but my teacher was okay with this as it was only 3 seconds over so the video was 2 minutes and 3 seconds long.

I did all the Pre-Production work in a decent amount of time so I had about a week left to film which was enough for me as I already had in mind what I was going to record and I knew I had enough time. It was nice to work alone on a project for a change as it can be annoying sometimes relying on other members of the crew to do their job and arrive to film etc. It was a really nice to do my project on a choice of three words given by my tutors because I didn’t have to sit thinking about an idea for ages because instead I could pick a word which I decided to choose “Belonging” and I could do anything I wanted as long as it related to that word and I always have found stereotypes to be quite interesting subject so I had chosen to do my final project on stereotypes.

Having an idea already planned was very helpful for when it came to recording because in my last project which was the Video Art Installation project I didn’t have an idea planned until very late and I thought the idea I currently had would be quick and easy so I thought I could record it quickly but it took longer than I thought so I only just had enough time to hand it in so my time management has improved defiantly in this project especially as in my proposal in section 4 I had wrote a schedule for what I planned to do each week it but I fell slightly behind one week so I ended up doing the filming and editing during the last week before the deadline but I finished it all in time. I feel that if I didn’t learn from my mistakes from my Art installation project than I may of not finished ended up finishing in time but I learnt from my mistakes from my previous project.

For my final project video it’s self I was originally going to have a voice over but I then didn’t have enough time so I used text instead which I felt worked quite well with the video. I found a non copyrighted song to go with the music video and it gave more emotion to the video, for when the audience is watching my video and now there was some sound added to the video because of the music as there was no longer a voice over so I thought that it needed some sound otherwise it would be to boring.

In the end my final project ended up turning out okay but I felt it could of been a lot better as I didn’t feel like this was the best outcome or video I have created while studying at college I felt the video was a little boring and I could have done more with the video to make it exciting like getting some interviews and getting people to dress up as stereotypical emo’s or geeks etc. At the same time I am proud of my final project as well because I spent a lot of time planning how I wanted it to turn out and it went okay apart from I didn’t white balance the camera when I recorded my final project but I used the color balance wheels tool to make it look how it should instead of the blue tint the camera recorded before editing the final project. I am also happy that my time management improved since last time with my art installation project.

Filming part 2 8/6/16

For my final project I decided to film at the walks opposite the Spar shop near the level crossing. The reason I chose to film here was because their tends a good amount of people hanging around there especially around lunchtime so I thought lunch time would be a good time to film.

I borrowed a camera and battery pack from Scott and used my SD to store my footage. I asked Beth & Sam to help me carry some bags and help me record so we left around 12:15 and arrived at the walks around 12:30 and it was quite busy and enough people to use in my film.

I then looked for different types of people I could record for my film such as teenagers, people on bikes, elderly people and I even managed to get some footage of a bride in her white wedding dress which I was very happy about.

It took about an hour to record so we then headed back to college and gave the camera back.

I did have a couple of problems when it came to filming. First of all I forgot to white balance the camera so my footage came out to have a blue tint to it so I had to color balance it when it came to editing and secondly I was looking to find people who looked like they fell under one of the typical stereotypes such as the emo’s etc but there wasn’t any so I had to use images of Google instead in my video.

Overall I felt that the recording went well but I wish had more to film and that I would of white balanced the camera as it would of saved me a lot of time when it came to editing the footage.

Editing my finial project.

I used Adobe Premier Pro to edit my final project i used a few tools to edit the video such as the razor tool to spilt up each part of the video and foxy taught me a quicker way to edit the video using the shortcut keys I and O to mark in and out the video so I could quickly create a clip and then edit the next one etc.

When I went to record my final project at the walks I didn’t white balance the camera so my footage had a blue tint and didn’t look how I wanted it to look so I used the three way colour collector tool to edit the colour of the video so I could balance it out using the three colour wheels to get the video to look the way I wanted it to look.

Below is two screenshots of me editing my final project, the first image is before I edited the video using the three-way colour corrector tool. As you can see it looks very blue and not realistic at all so I used the colour corrector tool for each clip with footage I recored at the walks.

Image two is after I have used the three colour wheels to edit my final major project.

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 11.13.01.png
Video before I used colour corrector tool.

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 12.13.02.png



Filming 4/6/16

Last Saturday I went to record at wolferton and get some footage of the landscape and I was going to do a voiceover when I put them all together. So I started filming trees, views from the hills etc. But when I got home I decided that I wanted to go to the walks and record people sitting down as I felt it was more related to the project as I was talking about stereotypes which is to do with people and landscape didn’t really go with the idea.
I then deleted the footage of my SD card 



This is my storyboard it shows different people from different groups meeting, in the third pictures it shows the lockers of 3 different people seen in the video but I decided in the end not to add this to my final edit because there was not enough time left. In the fourth picture my message is similar to one in the final project, I will speak to foxy and ask if I should write another storyboard as I feel this one isn’t 100% like the final edit of my project.