Mood Board

This my mood board the mood board is made to represent social groups in high school and the message is to ask you which one do you fit in so I put pictures of a variety of different groups in high school such as the nerds, popular people and the emo’s etc.


This fits into to my project because it is about social groups in high school and it talks about do these stereotypes actually exist? And are they accurate?



mood board 2


Comparing music video’s

I am now going to compare 3 music video’s and talk about the narrative, the portrayal of gender and the shot types.

The first music video I have choosen is Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande.


ariana dw

In the music video the shot types are mainly close ups and mid shots as in every shot Ariana is in the shot because the producer wanted the viewer to concentrate on her and nothing else.

ariana dw 2

The reason the producer makes you concentrate on Ariana is because the story behind the song is about being a “Dangerous Women” and Ariana is meant to be representing that figure. What the song means about being a Dangerous Women is being able to take a stand, be yourself and be honest. This where the male gaze theory could apply to the music video because the video is all just Ariana in the frame of every shot and this may go against the theory because in the video Ariana seems very strong and very important and that is mainly hat the whole video is about.

There are only a couple of props which is a sofa, blanket and a pillow which you can barely notice at first.

The second music video I have chosen is WILD by Troye Sivan



In the music video there is many different shot types such as mid, long shots but the music video keeps coming back to one particular close up which is Troye hugging something and I remember at first I could not work out what he was hugging but about halfway through I thought he was hugging someone and at the end of the video you can see it is his lover which is a boy.

The story of this video is about two boys in there child years who are best friends now some people may see this differently because one of the boys is meant to be Troye and the other one being his lover who you see at the end of the video but not everyone may work this out at first until a certain point in the video and I think it is very clever how they show you them as children as it makes you wonder what these two boys are being shown for and it gives it more of an attachment to the relationship as you know they have know each other for a while. But this music video is actually part one of a three part story as there are two other video’s using the same characters and story called FOOLS and TALK ME DOWN.


Referring back to when I was talking about the shot of Troye hugging his lover this is where you realize or at least get a sense as to what the song is about. The song it’s self is about forbidden love and dealing with it as a whole but the point of the music video was that Troye wanted to show a side of gay relationship you never get see as he feels that gay relationships are sexualized in the media so he used the two boys to show a more romantic, cute relationship because just like I feel that it is something we never see especially in the media.

The male gaze theory describes that the typical man is a heterosexual with a Rambo slash James Bond type figure and are meant to be strong and not feminine but in this music video Troye and his lover are the complete opposite so for a heterosexual male to see this the same as a Homosexual male will be a lot different it may also be the same for a female as well but the female may be able to see this from the protagonists point of view just like a homosexual male because if the females sexual orientation is straight then they can just relate them same as it is still a male that Troye is in love with.

The last music video I have chosen is Robbers by The 1975



The shot types in this music all differ just like the previous video so there is mid shots close ups and lots of long shots as well this is because the video doesn’t just focus on one character it mainly focuses on two.

The story of this music video is about a couple which is Matt Healy the lead singer from the band and a girl who is his girlfriend but also his work partner as they are both robbers. You get to see deeply into the relationship and all the emotions they go through and towards the end of the video Matt and his girlfriend end up robbing a store but the music stops and screaming and gunshots are heard and then the door slams open and out comes Matt with a gunshot wound bleeding being carried by his girlfriend into a van with the rest of his band who in the video are meant to be his getaway squad from the heist or robbery.

robbers 2

There is one scene where the couple are in a diner which I think the whole concept of the music video could be inspired by the film Pulp Fiction as it is about a robbery and a couple and the diner scene is very well know.

The male gaze theory for this music video may fit the stereotype as it does focus on a male protagonist slightly more than the women and you may most likely seeing the video from his perspective and feminist may mention the fact that the girl in the video is being denied her human identity as she is just there to be admired for her appearance and male’s sexual desires. But others may feel she is an important character in the video as she comes across as quite a strong figure as well and she also stands out the the viewer which I feel that is what the person behind the camera was trying to do.

Lessons put into Project for Video Installation

For my video installation project my inspiration for my art installation was Tony and the RSPCA because Tony gave me the original idea. I was struggling with an idea so Tony told me to record rubbish and see were it takes me so I did as he said to do and as I was recording random bits of litter plotted around the place and it gave me the idea of making a charity video but more of a parody version. What I mean by a parody is doing a video on something that’s been done but a joke version as for my art installation I start it off as a serious charity video but it then turns into a joke as soon as the rubbish appears.

Here is a screenshot of the start where it looks like it is going to be serious.

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 13.28.55.png

Here is a part of the video where it gets silly and represents the parody of a normal charity video.

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 13.31.01.png

To record the video I used my phone as all the camera’s were booked and it was more convenient to use the phone anyway. Most of my shots were close ups of rubbish the reason they were close ups was because the rubbish was want I wanted the audience to concerate on as Foxy said in one of his theory lessons that is a clever way to make the audience put all of there attention on one thing.


Music Video lessons into project


In Sophia’s lessons we have been encouraged to look at different music videos so we can get a load of different ideas for our music videos. For my music video I looked at alot of dance videos because the song we used for our music video was a dance song so I took inspiration from David Guetta’s music video with Rihanna called Who’s That Chick? Where Guetta is using a turntable I then discussed with my group and we thought it would of been a good idea to use a turntable in our video so we made a cardboard turntable for our video. So if Sophia didn’t tell us to look at music video I don’t think we would of used this idea.

Here is a screenshot of the video and the shot I am talking about

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 11.25.27.png

In Sophia’s lessons we also learnt about feminism and how girls are always percived in a certain way. In my music video there are no girls so this may been seem like it’s against feminism but there is only one person in the whole video so some people may wonder why it is a guy and not a female.

I used the camera for the first time I did have a bit of help but I learnt how to start it and how it should be used plus also how to set the tripod up. When moving about to different locations I had to adjust the lighting because of different shadows and the fact that some shots was outdoors and some was inside so we had to adjust the lighting for that too.

Idea for final project

Description of the idea:

My idea for my final project is about belonging to a social group in high school for example there is “The Nerds” or “The Popular People” “Emo’s” “The Smokers” etc. I haven’t fully decided where I want to go with this yet but I am thinking of recording each of the social groups day at school and put the time of day at the bottom of the video so the viewer knows all of the social groups are doing whatever they are doing at the same time and showing all of this on the screen at the same time.

Where the idea came from:

I got the idea from the scene in mean girls where the map is used at lunchtime to show Cady what groups are in the school as she is new and has no idea how it works.