Video Installation project

For my video installation project I decided to do a funny themed video but in a strange way. I based the idea around charity’s trying to get viewers to donate to the charity such as Dogs trust or the RSPCA and so on.

In my video I used this idea to develop my own fake charity for rubbish but I made out the rubbish to be like humans that needed help as they were homeless etc. But really they are just rubbish that I placed for each shot.

The meaning of this video is to show the power behind music and the emotion and reactions it gives because if it wasn’t for the sad music the video would not have that small sad effect is brings. In my opinion anything is art and music I believe is another way to display art, For example in the video the music is meant to make the viewers feel sad and feel sorry for the rubbish in the video but at the same time the music makes the video funny because it’s meant to be silly and a joke at the same time.

The genre of this video is comedy because at the start of the video it seems like it’s going to be a serious but then it just turns into a joke so the viewers will be confused to start of with and realize it is a joke.

The audience for my video is mainly aimed for teenagers and adults aged between 13-40 due to the comedy nature and the silliness behind the video but it cant be aimed at childrenĀ because of the use of bad language as there are two bad words used in the video.

I have now uploaded my video to YouTube here is the link:


Website Design Screenshots

Here are images from my website I have created using Muse.

On these screenshots I have labeled each picture 1-8.

On picture 1 which is the plan this is were I learnt how to use the master page and then the other pages. For a Master page I just created one of these pages which was called the A-Master page which is basically the base page so I put the links into a toolbar (buttons) which linked onto the other smaller pages so I labeled them “Homepage” and “About Me” etc so it was easier to get from one page to another. Whatever I put on the A-Master page it will appear on the smaller pages as well.

On Picture 2  I wrote about what I am currently working on so I spoke about the other projects which is the music video and the video art installation project.

Picture 3 & 4 is screen grabs of my homepage I created which has a slideshow of some photos I took during lessons.

Picture 5 is a screen grab from the music video page were I explain the music video project and how I plan on doing it and I also link the music video on the page

Picture 6 is a screen grab of my blog being embedded onto the website to do this I got a YouTube link of a random video and then went onto the settings on muse and pasted the link of the video and then a load of random words came up but then the link of the video was between two quotation marks and then I just replaced that link with my blogs link and now my blog will be on the website and every time I update it it will update on the website too.

Picture 7 is a screen grab from the page were I wrote information about me and basically spoke about myself such as what I am studying and then what I plan to do after I finish the course.

Picture 8 is a screen grab of the Contact Me page which is basically were if people want to contact me they can give me all sorts of ways in which I can contact them. To make this I just go into were it says forums and select one of the contact forums and then write in the boxes what I want it to say.

For the homepage I used a slideshow with different pictures that changed every couple seconds. I learnt how to use master pages and that I only need one master page called the A master which included the title of the website which was my name and then I used widgets so users could get to every section of the website just by clicking on the title of the page they wanted.pic 9

I added sub menu’s as you can see above for the collage section. They work like a drop down menu and all the user needs to do is hover over collage for the two options “Currently” and “Previously” to appear, then the user just clicks on which one they want and it will take them straight to the page.