For my website I must decide on a Demographic so I know who to target it at.

So my website Demographic is:

Gender: Males and Females

Age: 13-70

Country: All (but mainly for UK & U.S.A)

My users are people looking to dress like celebrity’s or people who are looking for a certain item of clothing The users should be all sexuality’s so stright, gay and bi.

Examples of other websites:

Lego Star Wars Website:

The demographic for this website is kids aged between 3-16

Another website similar to my idea is

Why is my website different?

My website is different to because you will be able to create an account and follow certain celebrity’s and once you have followed certain celebrity’s you will get notified when there is a new outfit reveal uploaded.


The groups I am aiming at are fans of celebrity’s and people who shop for celebrity clothing.

Site graphic list










Resolution means height x width.

YouTube videos for example let you select the resolution you wish to watch your video.

Some of the resolutions are:

360 – SD

480 – SD

720 – HD

1080 – HD


Transmission control protocol – Movement of data.

Internet protocol – internet adress (IP) e.g 233.45.647.

When you open up a website you are a ‘client’. This client is looking for a server.

When you go onto a website the HTTP is in front of the web address.

Packets of data is the length of the packet is 0 – 64KB. A bite is eight bits e.g 11010101 is a BYTE and 1 BIT is simply 1 BIT.

A KILO is a thousand bites and is the equivalent to 512,000 bites.

One way transmissons is used is through Ethernet.

Header, main packet trailer

Image, Video, Widgets, Toolbar, Layout, Sound and know as the physical end.

Source & destination address (IP).

Checksum is error calculation.

TTL DATA ( Time to live).

State phone call.

1 time -> 1..



Each client request is a new request. Frees communication everyone continuously accessing data.

Hypertext transfer protocol

  • PC
  • Website
  • HTTP
  • TCP/IP

‘clicked on a button’ which is called a transfer request


  • Image
  • Text
  • Sound

Server to daemon


Three websites

The internet is used by billions of people everyday and websites are the biggest source of information in today’s society, The internet knows what people want and what time to do it because of contextual awareness.Spacejam

  1. Tumblr is a social media website where users will make their own account and will have their own blog page which is basically the users own website where they can post anything from text, photo’s to even video’s and GiF’s. The blog can be edited in many ways such as the layout, text size and even the web address can be edited so Tumblr is basically your own website/blog for you to post whatever you like. Tumblr has a reblog and like option where you can like a post or you can reblog the post which works the same as Twitter’s retweet option so you can reblog someone’s post and have it on your blog.
  2. Zara is a website that is used for clothes shopping for all age groups as they have a kids section and it is also available for both sexes. They have lots of different types of clothing such as skirts, suit jackets, t-shirts, jeans etc. If a customer wants to look at a particular category of a garment such as shirts they will click on the link saying “shirts” or whatever garment they are looking for. There is also a search bar at the top of the page where you can search for what you are looking for by typing a word and it will bring up anything to do with that word.
  3. Twitter is a social media website where people make accounts for business’s/company’s or personal accounts like a Facebook account. With twitter accounts you have a username which will have the @ symbol in front of it, this is what everyone will use to find your account. You also can put your name or company above your username so you can have something completely¬†different to your username as your name but sometimes people don’t even use there real name they may use celebrity’s or a word they like. When you post something on twitter it is know as a “tweet” in Facebook terms it would be called a “post” it is exactly the same thing but with twitter you have a 140 word count and not unlimited like Facebook. You can post 30 second video’s, photo’s or just text. You can also create poll’s where users can vote for either of the two answers. Users on twitter will have a system called followers and following this is how users will determine what will appear on their feed so every account you follow will appear on your feed which is when someone posts a tweet it will show up there. People will be able to see how many followers you have and many people you are following and also how many posts you have too. Users can also like or retweet other users tweets. A retweet means when a user clicks the retweet button it will go onto the persons account who retweeted it but the person who wrote the tweet will still show up as the person who wrote it.