Music Video Evaluation

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For our project we decided to do a funny themed music video and we also tried to make it look trippy. To film this video we needed an actor so we decided to use Oscar who is the writer of the song who we also decided to use for the music video. We used a cardboard turntable to make it more humorous.The places that we filmed at where a lot of different places but all on collage grounds and we placed the turntable in the center of the shot on a table with Oscar messing around with it and we would then move it to a different location but still keep the turntable in the center along with Oscar so it looks like its the same shot just with different backgrounds.

For post production we planned to have someone in the background with a mask just doing silly things while Oscar was in the center of the shot with the turntable but in the end we didn’t use that idea we just stuck to having Oscar in the center. It was planned to film at other locations such as town and the walks but we just stuck to filming at different locations around the collage such as the lift etc.

I asked my friend Jess what she thought of my music video and she said that it was imaginative and she liked the way the video jumped from one shot to another just with the background changing while Oscar and the turntable remained in the same place. She to improve it we could of added more locations.

If I could improve the music video I would of made sure we had more time so we could film at a lot of other places and not just at the collage so we would have a varied look of places because you can tell in the music video that the whole video was filmed at just one place just different places around the collage. Other ways that I feel that we could of improved the music video is that Oscar could of wore different outfits for each shot instead of just wearing the same one and that he could of been wearing a mask like our original idea but there just wasn’t enough time to design a mask but if we had more time I would of made sure we had more than one mask. I think that.

The final outcome was good the music video looked good as well plus the video stayed in tune to the music and worked well together. If I could improve anything about the music video I would add more clips and filmed in more locations. Also I would of had the mask idea included as I thought this was a good idea and would of made the music video better. But overall I am happy with the outcome.

The genre of the music video varies as it isn’t aimed at a certain genre but the cardboard turntable gives it a comedic feel also the fact Oscar were’s tape over his eyes to may appeal to some viewers as funny so if the music video was to be labeled a genre it would most likely be comedy. The song used in the video fits the dance genre and I believe that the sound of the music defiantly fits the video.

The audience for my music video is mainly aimed at teenagers but children and adults could still enjoy the video as children and adults like dance music and the video fits the dance theme well because of the turntable and children may find the video silly and funny because of the cardboard turntable and the tape over Oscars eyes.