Post Production Set-up

Post Production: used to be called linear editing.

Tape / Roll / Reel

(SD Card)

T.C (Time Code) The tape on the SD card you set the Time Code when recording with a camera.

H   M  S   F (Hour, Minutes,Seconds)

01:00:00:00 (25 frames per second)

T.O.D (Time of day in any time code)


13:22:30:22 and 13:27:30:22

In point ————– Out Point


Softwares: Fcpro, Adobe Premier, AVID

T.C and edited master.

10:00:00:00 this is the time code of a edited master.

Bars & Tone.


SD Card / Write Protect.

Copy to a extrenal drive > Folder/Time and Date/Title.

Time CodeReel


Foxy’s lesson (16/9/15)

Today with Foxy we learnt alot of terms and a whole load of stuff about media.

I learnt about footage and how it works etc and that it requires storage and these can come in many different ways such as Soild State, SD Card, Drive Film, (Cloud), Dv or VHS Tape.

I learnt other stuff like Analogue is old and digital progressive and about VHS. Also that 1080×720 Pixels is HD and the resolution = 1080×720 = 777,600. 2k is 1920×1080

I also learnt England’s TV Standard which is P.A.L (Japan is also in P.A.L) P.A.L stands for Phase Alternating Line, N.T.S.C is North America’s standard, and (SECAM) is France’s standard

Fps was another subject we learnt  Fps. 25 (Frames Per Seconds) Video

Fps. 24 is Film

Fps 6 is the lowest

Learning all this was a good recap as I had forgotten some facts that knew from last year so it was good to go over it all again as it refreshed my memory and it was good because now I learnt some new facts about media and filming such as I didn’t realize that there was so many different storage devices that you can use to store memory onto camera’s PC’s Laptops etc so now I know it’s not just a memory stick that you can use.